Beverly Hills Bedroom

Posted on Dec 12 2015 - 10:24am by admin

The best thing about moving into a new home of course is that you get new spaces to play with and new rooms to do up! This is something I absolutely LOVE to do and our new house in Australia is no exception. With moving around so much, I always try and work with the furniture we have (though sometimes that just isn’t possible) but I’m always adding new accessories which is the easiest way to update or create a new theme. It’s amazing what a few new cushions can do!  I love to make mood boards and this is one I whipped up for our guest bedroom.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Beverly Hills Hotel which we always visit when we are in LA, even if it’s just for lunch. It’s just so iconic and the interior there is so gorgeous, I wish I could go to town with the walls etc but being in a rented property, that isn’t always possible.  So unfortunately I won’t be going crazy with wallpaper but I will be with some BHH inspired accessories so that when we have people come to stay with us, it feels like they are in a glam hotel room! Room Service!!


Banana leaf pillow – Etsy, Pink Bedding – Ellesilk, Pink teacup and saucer – CristinaRe, Banana Leaf Chair – CRLane

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